Global automotive supplier Visteon Corporation has launched a reconfigurable cluster platform on Jaguar Land Rover’s new Range Rover.

The automotive supplier said the platform would be standard on all versions sold worldwide.

The updated display presents on-demand driver information via virtual gauges, graphic displays and a message centre.

“The new display technology used by the 2010 Range Rover is a major advance. It gives us tremendous flexibility in presenting information, so that the driver gets precisely the data he or she requires, in all driving conditions,” said Nick Rogers, chief engineer of new vehicle architecture at Range Rover.

The Range Rover virtual cluster is the first production programme based on Visteon’s reconfigurable cluster platform.

“This powerful ‘virtual image’ cluster is an example of Visteon’s global platform strategy, which provides vehicle manufacturers with cost-effective solutions through hardware and software architecture re-use,” said Steve Meszaros, president of Visteon’s electronics product group. “Although this high-end cluster initially is designed for the class-leading comfort and refinement of the Range Rover, Visteon’s unique system integration approach is set to make large TFT displays a viable and affordable alternative to conventional clusters.”