Visteon Corporation has developed SpeedStart12, an integrated starter generator system for cars that offers up to 5% fuel savings and associated reductions in CO2 emissions.

“SpeedStart12 is a belt-driven integrated starter generator (ISG) that is based on the current 12-volt electrical architecture,” said Mike Dowsett, Visteon’s manager of Advanced Powertrain Systems. “When the vehicle is stationary, the engine is shut down. Speedstart12 quickly restarts the engine without the driver noticing any delay at all. Visteon has received unparalleled praise for its seamless stop-start capability.”

Visteon says the high performance and environmental benefits of the system will help car companies appeal to consumers as well as provide one solution to the upcoming emission and fuel consumption reduction challenges put in place by the European Union. The Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles (Acea) is looking to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 25% by 2008.

The claimed benefits of the system that was developed in the UK include:

*Start-to-idle in only 400 milliseconds providing an engine stop-start action that is imperceptible to most drivers.

*Ability to operate at -30°C enabling the deletion of a starter motor for petrol engine applications up to 3.0 L.

*Reduced cost of ownership for consumers. In addition to fuel purchase savings, the system may allow a vehicle to qualify as a “mild” hybrid and could reduce the costs associated with congestion due to lower petrol costs as well as other ownership charges found in Europe.

*20% more efficient than today’s alternator. Visteon’s integrated starter generator delivers up to 3kW continuous generation, opening the door for other automotive technologies that require higher power.

*An easy-to-package solution. SpeedStart12 incorporates the motor and power electronics in one unit, eliminating the starter motor, alternator, standard battery and belt system and, in some cases, the starter ring gear. This cost-effective solution integrates the starter with the car’s alternator and requires an upgraded belt system and battery. In addition, SpeedStart12 has limited impact on the vehicle’s existing powertrain and electrical network.

*The fully developed system is suitable for most applications including premium class vehicles with up to 3.0 L gasoline engines. The system can be installed in current models. Visteon is currently developing the SpeedStart12 technology with a number of European car manufacturers for future product programmes.

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