Lex Vehicle Leasing(UK), has joined Global Fleet Services. Global Fleet services has been formed by one of the major leasing companies in the United States, Automotive Resources International (Ari) and includes the top leasing companies throughout the world.

Members have all been selected from the top third of leasing companies in their respective markets and each one has exercised choice in its decision to accept the invitation and join the alliance. Global Fleet Services covers 35 countries and the member companies have 750,000 vehicles between them.

The alliance exists to meet the needs of customers with global leasing requirements but while previous attempts have involved cumbersome administrative systems GFS will offer a communication and information system programme that will give control of all fleet data with real-time capabilities to the end user.

Culturally, GFS has been built on the philosophies of the American quality assurance programme Partners In Excellence, a corporate discipline which relies on the active involvement of employees and customers. Strict disciplines surrounding performance measurement exist to ensure customer standards are continually maintained and improved. All members of the alliance are expected to apply similar measures to check service standards.

Additionally, working closely with customers is pivotal to the sentiment GFS wishes to expound. To date it has relied on customer input to improve its fleet management programmes, enhance its software and create online tracking systems.