Proposed anti-ageism laws for the United Kingdom could soon make it illegal for businesses to specify an age range when recruiting staff, the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) has claimed.

A government consultation document published this week recommended new anti-ageism legislation that could affect workplace practices.
Apart from covering the way employers treat their existing staff, the new rules could make it illegal for businesses to discriminate against a job applicant because of age, or force redundancy on employees over a certain age. It has also been suggested that the enforced retirement age could be abolished and a default age of 70 applied.

RMI human resources director Nick Jones said: “The RMI supports the spirit behind this consultation paper. Ageism, like other forms of discrimination, can work against the interests of individual staff, as well as employers.

“We will obviously participate in the consultation process and try and ensure that any eventual legislation does not result in significant additional costs for RMI members. These proposals will impact on all businesses. All employers will need to review their workplace policies and practices.”