We may have profanity filters on our e-mail, but some of us swear like troopers in the workplace and cause offence to colleagues. And its not good for business. So says the UK’s motor trade body. Swearing in the workplace gone unchecked could lead to preventative legal action, warns the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) in a news release today.

The RMI helpfully points out that the use of extreme bad language at work could offend some staff, and can be grounds for the constructive dismissal of those who swear. To avoid time consuming and costly disciplinary action, and the possible loss of staff, employers should discourage swearing wherever possible, the RMI advised.

Dionne Cunningham, head of the RMI’s legal department said in a news release: ‘Swearing can upset employees in a number of ways. Some may simply be offended by the language itself, while others could interpret it as a form of sexual harassment. This can offend male as well as female workers.’

She continued: ‘The law protects employees from offence and discrimination in the workplace, and swearing is considered to be offensive in a number of contexts. By discouraging swearing in the first place, many problems could be avoided.’