Strong October sales, coupled with impressive cumulative year to date results, have marked a significant turning point in the growth and development of Škoda UK; during October the marker of 25,000 vehicle sales was passed. Year to date sales of 25,168 include 24,158 cars and 1010 commercial vehicles. This new car sales result gives the brand a 1.2 per cent market share and represents a 21 per cent increase on last year’s figure.

Director of Škoda Auto, Rob Tracey, said, "25,000 vehicle sales is
a significant landmark for Škoda. We have now exceeded our 1999 sales result
by almost two thousand vehicles, and we expect our year end result to show an
overall 25 per cent increase. I am delighted that so many people are discovering
the advantages of driving our cars".

October also saw the Fabia, Car of the Year 2000, take over as Škoda’s
best seller in the UK, with 9436 Fabias sold since its launch in March this
year. Felicia was also a strong contender with 8150 sales, followed by 6572
Octavia sales.