SAIC-owned MG has announced that production of the TF LE500 sportscar will commence at the Longbridge, UK, plant at the beginning of August, with the first cars delivered to showrooms in September.

Chairman for NAC MG UK Ltd, Mr He, Xiao Qing, said; “I am delighted to be in a position to talk about a launch date for the TF LE500 following a process of planning, re-organisation, active quality improvements and parts optimisation that we recognise resulted in frustration for our stakeholders.  We are now fully focussed on bringing our hard work to fruition.”

Gary Hagen, Director of Sales & Marketing said, “The open top sportscar is an iconic image of British motoring and forms the basis of the MG marque’s long pedigree.  The launch of the TF LE500 signals our determination to keep this class of car at the heart of the brand as we take it forward.” 

NAC MG UK also said that designers at their SMTC facility in Leamington, Warwickshire are already planning exciting new MG models ‘that will capture the essential qualities of the MG brand and extend the range into additional sectors’.

NAC MG UK added that ‘the commitment planned by MG and the level of investment underwritten by SAIC will persuade doubters that the MG brand is being re-launched with the support to make it successful again’. 

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