Ricardo has concluded an agreement with Sinotruk, China’s biggest heavy-duty truck manufacturer, to provide engineering support to develop new products.

The signing ceremony took place at Sinotruk’s offices in Jinan, coinciding with an event to celebrate the successful completion of the upgrade of the company’s HAEP WD615 engine which had been carried out in collaboration with Ricardo.

The re-engineered motor now meets the Euro 3 emissions certification required in China and has been up-rated by 11% to 400hp.

Founded in 1956, Sinotruk was China’s first as well its now largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer. The company’s core products include tractors, tippers, cargo trucks and other customised trucks such as concrete mixers, cranes and rubbish trucks.

Sinotruk also manufactures many of its own components including diesel engines and markets its products in more than 50 countries with sales growth of over 60% in the last five years.