Porsche’s UK unit is hoping to benefit from the appointment of a new mayor of London to replace Ken Livingstone.

Although new Conservative party mayor Boris Johnson has said he will continue with most of Livingstone’s policies, he fought the election on the basis that he would not allow the introduction of a GBP25 congestion charge for high-polluting cars.

Porsche has started legal action to fight the introduction of the higher rate charge, which would affect virtually all of its models.

Johnson was elected on 1 May and is currently appointing a core team of officials to work with him.

Under Livingston’s plans due to come into force on 27 October, cars emitting over 225g/km CO2 will pay GBP25 while those emitting less than 120g/km will not have to pay at all to enter the congestion zone. Other cars pay GBP8 a day. No changes to these plans have yet been announced.