Following on from its acclaimed world debut in Paris the Porsche Carrera GT will make a second appearance at Birmingham. Subject to market conditions and a positive response to the concept, the GT Carrera could go into production as early as 2003. In its design and construction this concept roadster is based on pure racing technology. The estimated price of the Carrera GT will be in the region of 750,000DM.

The design of this uncompromising super sports car is Porsche through and through. The objective has been to express the supreme thrill of a Porsche racing car in a new blend of emotional and functional design. While prototypes designed and built for racing alone rarely resemble their series production counterparts, creating a genuine Porsche identity was one of the basic demands of the designers of this project.

Ultimate Performance

Conceived at the research and development centre in Weissach, the Carrera GT reaches beyond the previously known limits of road legal sports car engineering. Based on pure racing engineering of the highest standard it accelerates from 0-62mph in less than four seconds and from 0-125mph in under 10 seconds. With a V10 normally aspirated engine, six speed manual gearbox, six litre cubic capacity, torque of 600Nm and 558bhp, the Carrera GT guarantees a top speed of over 206 mph. The rpm range of this mid-engined roadster reaches over 8000 revs per minute.

Ultimate Materials

Emulating the looks of the legendary 718 RS Spyder from the exterior, the interior is dominated by aluminium and leather and is dramatically different from the existing Porsche range. All new seats in brown leather finished with black Nubuk suede combine with an aluminium finished centre console. The gearshift lever at the upper end sits at the same height as the steering wheel enhancing the car’s flexural stiffness. The use of carbon fibre as the body’s basic material offers optimal strength and safety with a minimal vehicle weight of only 1250kgs. Vehicle weight and braking power is also enhanced by the use of Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes as standard.

Dr Wendelin Wiedeking, chairman of the board of directors of Porsche Ag commented: “The Carrera GT is 100 per cent Porsche and underlines our high expectations of being the perfect example of innovation, fascination and emotion in international sports car manufacturing. Should this car be built it will without a doubt carry the quality seals of “Made in Germany” and “Manufactured by Porsche”.