A new ‘City Sandwich’ column in the business news section of Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper has the post of chairman of Volkswagen chairman – location Wolfsburg, salary €2.6 million, current postholder Ferdinand Piech – as ‘Job of the day’ in its Tuesday edition.

Said the Telegraph: “The job is not currently available – but could be soon. The Volkswagen board met yesterday to discuss Porsche’s acquisition of an 18.5% stake in VW. Piech has come under fire for the deal because of potential conflicts of interest. He is both part owner of Porsche, the car maker founded by his father, and Porsche Holding. There had been reports of a coup to replace him with VW and Siemens board member Heinrich von Pierer. No shareholders took action yesterday but he faces increasing pressure, not least after the sex and sleaze scandal centred around Peter Hartz, former head of personnel.”