The rise and rise of Peugeot in the UK has passed another landmark, with car sales taking more than nine per cent of the market for the first time in a plate-change month.

Star performer for the number three best-selling car brand in Britain is the UK-built 206, which becomes the first Peugeot to capture more than four per cent of the total market.

The 206 is the car that most British people have chosen to buy with their own, rather than their company’s, money so far this year. Three quarters of all 206 sales in 2000 have been to private buyers.

Said Peugeot Managing Director Tod Evans: “The fact that retail sales have played such a big role in this record sales performance confirms our customers believe we’re selling a great product at excellent value.”

Peugeot’s market share of 9.12% in September was the highest ever for a plate-change month, with registrations of 32,242. And it’s the first time sales have exceeded nine per cent over a quarter year (July through September).

The 206 achieved market share in September of 4.47%. The previous best single-model Peugeot performance was 3.6% back in August 1991 by the iconic 205, the 206’s spiritual predecessor and the car that triggered Peugeot’s sales take-off in the UK.

The 206 is the UK’s best selling retail car with a market share year-to-date of 6.4%. Peugeot has sold 135,000 206s in the UK since the car’s launch in autumn 1999.

Said Tod Evans: “Peugeot has developed a winning combination of style and driving appeal that continues to hit the spot with British motorists.”

The latest version of the 206 is destined to make the car even more popular. The 206 CC launched at the Motor Show later this month is the first in its class with an electric hard top that converts the car from 2+2 coupe to open roadster at the touch of a button.