Following an extended proving period with the UK’s Mitsubishi Red Zebra network, independent information provider HPI has announced that its new system for stock publishing and location, HPI Exchange, will be available to all subscribing dealers from the beginning of July.

HPI Exchange is a new ‘real-time’ service, created to help dealers publish, manage and locate vehicle stock.

Loading vehicles onto HPI Exchange is claimed to be extremely straightforward because the process is seamlessly integrated with a history check, requiring only registration mark entry. An editor facility then provides full control over description and specification data, and uploading of digital images. It also gives dealers full control over where each vehicle is published – to their own website, their own group, the HPI Exchange community, and a selection of leading car media.

Once published, many updating functions can be performed automatically, based on subsequent enquiry and registration activity, so stock can be kept up-to-date with minimum effort.