So the sporty SRi with the new 2.2 litre engine is the same price as a 1.8 litre Zetec Mondeo. The ls 2.2 litre model has the same price ticket as the 1.8 LX Mondeo.
Razor-keen Vauxhall Vectra prices now start with the Club 1.6 at £13,250 on the road, compared to a previous base level of £13,995. The entry-level Mondeo is £14,595.

“We have examined every detail of the pricing policies of our competitors, and have come up with some impressive offers to keep Vectra in the spotlight in the important upper medium car segment,” said Vauxhall executive director, sales and marketing Ian Coomber.

“Vectra is our most important fleet car, and we are determined that it will continue to meet competitors like Mondeo head-on as it always has done — because it offers better specifications and better whole-life value than many others.”

Vectra outsold Mondeo in the first eight months of this year as well as for the whole of 1999.

The 2.2 litre SRi model which Vauxhall has set against the 1.8 litre Zetec Mondeo has an on-the-road price tag of £15,595. It is powered by the acclaimed new lightweight aluminium engine also fitted in the new VX220 sports car and the Astra coupe. The SRi V6 is just £750 more. Vectra prices are effective from 1 November. The average price reduction is 9.2 per cent.

As well as its strong pricing policy to counter the tough competition, Vectra owners benefit from a 20,000/one year service regime, which is a major improvement on the service intervals of other cars in its class, like the 12,500 miles for the new Mondeo.

All Vauxhalls have a customer care commitment with a no fee optional warranty extension giving a three year/60,000 mile warranty, as well as three years’ AA breakdown assistance, and a free loan car if the vehicle is off the road for more than 24 hours for warranty repairs.
Examples of new Vectra saloon or hatchback on-the-road prices are:

Club 1.6i 16v £13,250
Club 1.8i l6v £13,750
LS 1.6i 16v £13,895
LS 1.8i 16v £14,295
LS 2.2i 16v £14,595
LS 2.2DTi £15,595
CD 1.8i 16v £16,445
CD 2.2i 16v £16,695
SRi 2.2i 16v £15,595
SRi 2.6i V6 £16,345
GSi 2.6i V6 £19,595
CDX 2.2DTi £19,895
CDX 2.2i 16v £18,895
CDX 2.6i V6 £19,645
LS 1.8i l6v Estate £15,195
CD 2.2DTi Estate £18,595
CDX 2.2i 16v Estate £19,795
CDX 2.6i V6 Estate £20,945