A new vehicle emissions test company has been established by powertrain engineering consultancy Integral Powertrain and specialist Tickford Powertrain Test.

The joint venture, IP Tickford, said it would provide whole-vehicle petrol and diesel testing to next-generation emissions standards, supported by a high level of expertise in powertrain design, test and development.

The new company will acquire the full modal vehicle emissions test facility recently used by Integral Powertrain to deliver a multi-variant direct injection, EU5/ULEV2 petrol EMS application, now entering production with a European automaker. The facility, which is regularly correlated against OEM and industry benchmark facilities, already benefits from new particulate measurement equipment, alongside facilities for cost-effective -7 degree C emissions development and -40 degree C vehicle soak.

From the second quarter of 2009, the vehicle emissions facility will be upgraded for forthcoming diesel legislation with dedicated diesel gas analysers and sampling systems.

A secure engine dynamometer section within the facility, recently used by Integral Powertrain for EU5 diesel engine mapping, has also been made available exclusively to IP’s customers, enabling seamless integration of engine test activities.

Integral Powertrain and Tickford are both in Milton Keynes at the heart of the UK automotive engineering sector.

IP Tickford’s facility is based at the Tickford Powertrain Test site. Technical staff will be drawn from both companies. The facility is accredited with the VCA for witnessed and CoP testing of petrol, LPG and CNG fuelled vehicles.