Honda, anxious to distance itself from the rest of the UK’s troubled manufacturing industry, has announced plans to produce its popular CR-V 4WD model at its Swindon factory.
Production is scheduled to start in two months and the CR-V will become the fifth model to be built at the plant, joining two Civic and two Accord models currently being assembled in Wiltshire.

Honda says the move follows exceptional demand for the CR-V throughout Europe that has consistently outstripped supply since the model’s launch three years ago.

The first Swindon-built CR-V will come off the line this month. This year’s production is expected to reach 20,000 units.

In preparation for this upsurge the 150,000 capacity UK plant, which employs more than 3000 workers, is currently undergoing a #130m modernisation programme, installing a new manufacturing system. When complete, it will allow Honda to produce a wide range of models at short notice, which will give greater market flexibility.