Vehicle engineering and research centre, MIRA , is to partner with Samsung Techwin , to develop bespoke battery and powertrain systems for automotive and off-highway hybrids, as well as electric vehicle applications. 

MIRA and Samsung Techwin will jointly develop the systems for commercial vehicle, defence vehicle or niche passenger car manufacturers, using cell technologies and tailoring the solution to the individual OEM.

The partnership will bring together MIRA’s capabilities and experience in design, development and testing bespoke battery and powertrain systems, alongside Samsung Techwin’s access to cells and manufacturing facilities.

 “This partnership has been formed in response to the increasing demand for hybrid and electric powertrains,” said MIRA chief commercial and technical officer, Geoff Davis.

“Although this is led by the passenger car sector, OEMs are increasingly recognising the significant cost savings that can be made through the technology – both in terms of fuel consumption and emissions. 

“In order to achieve these savings, it is vital battery and powertrain systems are matched and optimised to their applications and MIRA and Samsung Techwin are best placed to deliver this.”