Metrocab (UK), the Tamworth based manufacturer of purpose built black cabs will start production again within two months.

William Chi, an advisor to the Metrocab board said: “We will make a formal announcement in the next week or two after we have finished discussions with our component suppliers.”

Chi confirmed that the first vehicles Metrocab will produce would be virtually the same as those the company sold before it was placed into administration last year. He added that a revised version would be introduced early next year.

Metrocab, originally spun off from train maker Metro Cammell (now Alstom) was founded in 1993 and at its peak was producing up to a 100 taxis a month but this had been reduced to only a handful by the time production stopped last year.

Stan Marut, secretary of the London Cab Drivers Club said, “The imminent return of Metrocab to production is welcome news. The [club] support the retention of the current Metropolitan Conditions of Fitness, which the Metrocab meets, and the availability of a choice of purpose built taxis is good for drivers and passengers alike.

“Essentially this means that there is no necessity for the introduction of the inferior conversion type taxis and other pretenders to be available in London. It will also mean that spare parts for existing Metrocab vehicles will be more readily available.”

We at the London Cab Drivers Club wish the new owners of Metrocab all success in their re-launch of what is a very fine taxi product.”