The proliferation of speed humps in the UK’s capital has prompted ‘black cab’ maker LTI Vehicles to develop a new suspension for the iconic London Taxi, which is increasingly being exported.

This model still has a separate chassis and body but leaf rear springs have been replaced by variable rate coil springs, self adjusting load dependent shock absorbers, a Panhard rod and double radius arms.

Front suspension now has new dampers and an anti-roll bar and chassis production has also been brought in-house.

LTI said the new suspension came from its Listening Group programme that assesses feedback from drivers and passengers.

One clear message was that the rise in the number of speed bumps and other so-called traffic-calming measures in the capital was making journeys much more uncomfortable for taxi occupants.

Ongoing debate about the future Conditions of Fitness – the Transport for London regulations that govern Hackney Carriages [aka taxis] in London – also highlighted the importance of passenger and ride comfort.