Group 4 Telematix, in association with UK firm, Tracker Network, has won a €5 million contract to supply a fleet management system for 4,205 police, fire, ambulance and port security vehicles and athletes’ buses at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

The firms are providing the Olympics 2004 security vehicle tracking subsystem, which will monitor all vehicles, each of which will be fitted with a combined TETRA/GPRS/GPS tracking unit.

This is claimed to be a ground-breaking agreement – the largest telematics contract ever signed in Greece.

The system will be used to feed a command and control system to inform over 600 operators who will monitor the strategic positioning of emergency vehicles to ensure immediate response to any security threat during the games.

The system will allow:

Well-organised and rapid response to incidents and emergencies – it will be possible to reroute 2,500 police, 800 fire and 705 ambulance vehicles, 150 SUV and 50 small port security vessels immediately on alert of an emergency ensuring that incident response times are much faster.

Increased port security – this includes monitoring the location of 55 small vessels and a number of four-wheel drive vehicles;

Speedy transportation of athletes – the transfer of those participating in the games from between the stadium and the Olympic village will be efficiently managed as athletes’ buses will be rerouted as necessary.

During the games, it is anticipated some 600 operators will log on to a secure intranet every day to access all vehicle movements and locations enabling them to manage their vehicles more efficiently.

Incident locations can be sent to in-vehicle terminals which will guide the emergency vehicles to the correct place.