Land Rover has launched an optional five-year service and maintenance ‘VIP’ package for Range Rover vehicles sold in the UK. It is available from dealers at the time the vehicle is purchased.

Similar in concept to packages offered by former Land Rover owner BMW for its 7-series and Mini lines, Range Rover VIP provides servicing and replacement parts worth £3,000 and covers owners for five years or 75,000 miles of driving.

The VIP package benfits can be transferred with the vehicle at resale, together with the three-year unlimited mileage warranty, six-year anti-perforation guarantee and three-year roadside assistance coverage already included as standard with new Range Rovers.

Packages such as this have been proven popular in the UK. Anecdotal evidence from the motor trade suggests that a Mini, for example, with the balance of its £100-at-purchase ‘tlc’ servicing package intact, attracts several hundred pounds more at resale time than a car without. Just-auto understands that a similar package offered with top BMWs is also keenly sought after by subsequent buyers.

The packages cost new vehicle buyers considerably less than the cumultative cost of service and parts over the three-year term. For car makers and dealers, the main benefits are maintenance paid for up front at the time the vehicle is sold, and guaranteed work for the franchise service network for at least three years.