Land Rover and its parent company Ford have confirmed news broken exclusively by last January: the establishment of Land Rover & Ford Project Vehicles (LFPV) as the main distributor to aid, relief and development programmes worldwide.

The two vehicle makers jointly evaluated the agencies and organisations active in such programmes and identified better ways of meeting their vehicle and service needs. LFPV is the result.

The new organisation, based in Warwickshire in central England, will consolidate the efforts of both manufacturers in this specialised segment and work closely with the factories and existing distribution network.

For Land Rover products, LFPV will co-operate with an existing network of factory-approved direct export suppliers – Automotive Export Supplies, Conrico International, GBA Management and Guava International.

LFPV will handle the major international, government and commercial deals while the direct export suppliers will focus primarily on ‘global non-government organisations’.

The quality of aftersales support is also being reviewed by LFPV and direct export suppliers.

LFPV will sell customers any Land Rover or Ford product but anticipates that the Defender, Discovery, Explorer, Ranger and F Series will be most popular.

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