AMICUS and the TGWU unions have met with the Nanjing Automotive Company to discuss the company’s plans for Longbridge and Amicus has issued an optimistic sounding statement afterwards.

Roger Maddison, Amicus’ National Officer for the automotive industry, said:

“We had a positive meeting with Nanjing. They presented us with their business plan and made it clear that want to build cars in this country and they are willing to put in investment and they have committed to employing Rover workers.

“We anticipate that they will be assembling cars again at Longbridge next year.”

Nanjing Auto has recently come under pressure from the local media and labour unions over the silence since it acquired the remaining MG Rover assets in July. There have also been suspicions that the company is preparing a ‘lift and shift’ operation so that all car and engine production using Longbridge tooling will take place in China.