UK commercial vehicle production fell 10.7% year on year in January, with 8,202 units manufactured, according to Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) data.

The fall in output followed an unusually buoyant January 2019, which saw the number of vans, trucks, buses and coaches leaving production lines increase by 49%.

The SMMT at the time put the surge down to "a number of large domestic orders and strong market incentives [which] helped deliver the sector's best January performance for seven years". 

In January 2020, CV production for the UK was down 8.8% to 3,662, the fifth consecutive month of decline in output for the home market as weaker business confidence and variable buying patterns continued to affect orders.

Production for export dropped by 12.2% to 4,540 due largely to slowing demand in Europe.

January output was nonetheless above that for the January 2015 trough (before the Brexit referendum) and another less notable dip in January 2018.