Jaguar Land Rover has posted a 30.3% rise in revenue to GBP2.92bn (US$4.6bn) for the latest quarter, with operating profit of GBP437m, up 17.2%.

Sales for H1 FY 2011-12, stood at 130,090 units, representing a growth of 13.8%, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, with JLR attributing the increase to better product and market mix with strong growth in China and Russia.
Revenues of GBP2,928m represented a growth of 30.3% compared to GBP2,247m in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Cost pressures and impact of exchange rates resulted in a marginal reduction in the operating margins to 14.9% and an operating profit (EBITDA) of GBP437m in the quarter, a growth of 17.2% compared to GBP372m in the corresponding quarter of the previous year..

The manufacturer said its new Range Rover Evoque sold around 7,700 wholesale units up to September, 2011.