Britain’s Road Haulage Association (RHA) says it is “deeply concerned at the complete and utter lack of clarity,” which remains with regards to the border crossing process to the European mainland and beyond.

“It is patently clear government has lost its way,” said RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett. “There are some momentous decisions to be made both in the run up to Brexit and beyond.

“Yet tens of thousands of UK hauliers responsible for keeping the supply chain between the UK and the rest of Europe are still in the dark. Because of government ineptitude they are simply not ready.”

The Association added it was not simply about lorries, but also the economy as well as UK and European businesses which rely on an effective supply chain.

The RHA notes recent comments the border would be free-flowing and no checks would be imposed at the port, but the association chief insists this is “at odds” with the actual situation.

“If the French are going [to] check both inbound and outbound trucks the timing of the supply chain into the UK will be severely affected,” added Burnett.

“The whole situation has turned into a farce as is being clearly demonstrated in Calais right now. And, through no fault of its own, the industry on which the economies on both sides of the Channel rely so heavily is being set up for a fall of catastrophic proportions.”