The FT reports that General Motors is planning to increase sales by a third this year at its GM-Daewoo subsidiary (GMDAT) and wants GMDAT to pass 500,000 units in 2004 – in 2002 the company managed 300,000 units.
The newspaper also said that GM wants to see GMDAT more closely integrated with its US parent, selling cars under another GM badge in North America, India, Thailand and China.

Nick Reilly, GM Daewoo chief executive, told the newspaper that up to 35% of all South Korean-made Daewoos could be sold under another GM brand, although the decision on which to use has yet to be made.

GM Europe chairman Carl-Peter Forster recently suggested that some low-price market slots presently covered by European-built General Motors cars could be replaced with Daewoo’s now that GM owns the company.