The energy management team at General Motors Manufacturing Ellesmere Port (GMMEP) has recently achieved national recognition for achievements in energy efficiency.

They received the award under the Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme (EEAS), the UK’s independent benchmark for energy efficiency. 

The EEAS is owned by The Carbon Trust, managed by The National Energy Foundation and independently moderated by The Energy Institute.

EEAS assessor Alan Williams was particularly impressed with “the rapid stewardship of projects from inception through to commissioning” reflecting the speed at which Ellesmere Port is responding to current environmental concerns.

GMMEP has implemented extensive and systematic monitoring of energy use and performance, particularly the successful analysis of the effectiveness of shutdown arrangements during summer and Christmas closures.  Energy consumption, in terms of kWh/vehicle, has fallen by 42%, while total site consumption fell by 15%, even though production volume has increased.

GMMEP now joins a network of only 200 organisations accredited under the scheme, for their active reduction of CO2 emissions.  In order to receive the award, Ellesmere Port had to maintain and improve on their practice in energy management, being on the forefront of new energy saving initiatives and above all, encouraging their staff and local community to be energy aware.

The site utilities manager, Colin Hawthorne will receive the certification on behalf of GMMEP at the Awards Ceremony on 19 July.