Ford is considering introducing a right hand-drive version of its battery-powered Th!nk car after positive reaction from visitors to the International Motor Show.

Three left-hand drive versions have already been sold to UK customers.

“We are exploring the potential of the market with tests to see how well the car could actually do if it was put into production,” said a spokesman for Ford.

“If we are going to bring it to the UK we have to make a significant investment in a right hand version so we need to be sure about its potential,” he added.

Made of 425 parts – a fraction of the number used to build the conventional vehicle – the left-hand drive version is being assembled in Denmark and Norway, where the car was seen on the roads for the first time in November 1999.

And the model is expected to be available to customers in France, Italy and the Netherlands in the next six months.

The Th!nk has a top speed of 50 mph and can accelerate to 30 mph in 7 seconds. It has a range of around 53 miles between recharges.

The Th!nk Group, an enterprise of Ford, comprises Th!nk Mobility and Th!nk Technologies, producing battery electric vehicles.

By establishing the Th!nk Group in January 2000, Ford became the first car manufacturer to dedicate an independent brand to tackle the issue of “sustainable personal mobility”.