Ford is offering its customers an eco check-up to help them reduce fuel bills by up to 25%.

Ford Econo Check will offer both a vehicle inspection and an extended electronic analysis of driving style to generate a report for each driver and provide advice on how to improve fuel economy.

The company said that the ultimate goal is to make a real difference to cost of ownership as well as the environment, and is an additional initiative beyond Ford’s goal to reduce CO2 emissions from its new US and European vehicles by 30%by 2020, relative to its 2006 model year baseline.

The programme includes a vehicle check by a technician who carries out a series of vehicle inspections including tyre condition and pressure and air filter cleanliness. A small data logger is then fitted to the vehicle which accumulates driver information on driving speed, acceleration, anticipation, braking and gear change over seven days.

Once enough data has been stored a personalised report can be compiled and emailed to the customer to show potential annual savings for fuel, CO2 and money.

Bernhard Mattes, vice president of Ford’s customer service, said: “We believe we are the first manufacturer to offer a service like Econo Check to so many owners, almost regardless of their vehicle’s age. We can save them up to 25% in terms of reduced fuel bills.”

The service will be operated by Ford dealers and will be available in Spain and Austria in June, in Germany and UK in July, and France and Italy in September. More European markets will follow.