Ford Motor Company strengthens its commitment to design leadership and consumer focused products with its new London Design Studio located in the heart of Soho at Broadwick House.

The London Studio will be home to a team of 30 designers focused primarily on exploring new ideas in product, furniture, graphic, fashion design and architecture in addition to continuing to be innovative in transportation design.

“This new studio will allow our designers the opportunity to explore other design mediums, opening their minds to a different way of creating products for the consumer,” says J Mays, Ford Motor Company vice president of Design. “London is one of the liveliest cities in Europe and will certainly provide our design team with the inspiration to create diverse, consumer focused products.”

The Richard Rogers Partnership development is situated at the corner of Broadwick and Berwick streets in London’s Soho district. Richard Rogers is the acclaimed architect responsible for the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Lloyd’s Building in London as well as numerous other modern works.

“Rogers’ work embraces technology, functionality and flexibility,” says Mays, “providing our designers with the ideal, creative working environment.”

The design of Broadwick House exploits the unique characteristics of this corner site by maximizing natural light and views, providing high quality office space on six upper floors with a restaurant and retail space at the ground and basement levels.

At the fifth floor level, where the building steps back on three sides, outdoor terraces provide views across the Soho skyline. The predominant architectural signature is a great arched roof enclosing double height office space at the highest level, commanding spectacular views across the West End. The total office and retail space is 3,020 square meters.

The building draws on a neutral palette of materials, predominately fair-faced concrete, high performance glass and natural aluminum and stainless steel for the facades and the curved roof. Splashes of bright colour are added to accentuate the carefully detailed and articulated part of the lift tower and arched roof structures.

The London Studio also will house conference facilities and a gallery space that would be used for special exhibitions as well as to exhibit work done by the studio’s designers. The ground level also will feature an independently owned and operated restaurant.

“This new London Studio is the first step that we are taking to upgrade and expand our design facilities around the world,” says Mays. “Providing our design staff with the best tools available is essential if we are to achieve our ultimate goal of being the premier design organization in the world.”