The first shipment of Chevrolet’s new city car, the GM Daewoo designed and built Spark (nee Matiz), has arrived in the UK ahead of the nationwide retailer launch.

The shipment of 348 units arrived in the UK early last week and were prepared and readied for delivery by logistics company Autologic.

Commercial director Mark Hindley said: “Autologic is delighted to support the launch of this exciting new model, having just secured a new two year contract with Chevrolet, for the technical services at Portbury [docks, near Bristol in south west England].  This is an excellent way to begin our new partnership.”

Chevrolet transport manager James Ash said: “We are very pleased with the service provided by Autologic and ECM. It was no small feat but [they] were able to deliver 348 Sparks, four per retailer, in 35 transporters to our 87 sites across the country ahead of our national launch.”

Chevrolet dealers across the UK will soon begin launch events for the Spark which is priced from GBP6,495.

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