Fiat Auto (UK) has appointed the UK-based importer and dealer group Inchcape to manage its entire used vehicle re-marketing activities for the next three years.

Inchcape is now providing fleet management, re-marketing, refurbishment, transportation and storage and Fiat Auto claims to have one of the most advanced and efficient used vehicle re-marketing operations in Europe.

A dedicated team of 17 people has been recruited to operate the contract from new offices in Corby. Vehicle refurbishment and logistics specialist, EuroFleet, owned by Inchcape, will operate from two sites in Northamptonshire and a third site in Edinburgh, Scotland.

An electronic stock locator facility accessible on the internet will be managed from Corby, offering dealers vehicles at fixed prices.  These can be ‘viewed’, purchased and financed on-line.

 Fiat Auto will also run two electronic auctions each week.  The system can handle around 60 vehicles an hour and will complement dedicated Manheim and BCA sales that cater for dealers who prefer physical vehicle inspections and conventional auctions. Vehicles will be delivered five days after purchase.

Used car operations manager John Chater claims the move will transform Fiat Auto’s used vehicle re-marketing.

 “The partnership between Fiat Auto and Inchcape will greatly enhance profit opportunities for all [company-appointed] used car dealers…  by making a wider range of used [vehicles] available through low-cost, easy-to-use technology,” Chater said.