There was a time when a London ‘black cab’ had to be just that – black. Paint yours any other colour and the UK capital’s taxi watchdog – the Public Carriage Office – would soon want a word.

As residents and visitors to London will know, the rules have been relaxed in the last couple of decades and cabs in many colours other than black, and carrying advertising, are now common in the capital. Even so, one example just off the production line of the Coventry-based maker LTI Vehicles will stand out.

The manufacturer received an order for a new TX4 cab but the London-based customer insidted it be painted candy floss pink.

The paint shop team duly mixed up a one-off batch of paint to fulfil the unusual request.

Cell leader Steve Everton said: “We laughed when we first got the order but immediately got to work mixing the colours. We’re really pleased with the final result and it’s created a real stir in the factory. I dare say it will create a stir on the streets of London as well.”

The factory can produce cabs in any colour but has never before been asked to produce a pink one.

Paint shop worker Mike McKenzie said: “We are sometimes asked to produce special colours but this one is the most outlandish. We have had a lot of fun working on this one – not exactly my choice but my daughter loves it.”

The pink cab is a rare one-off special order for which the customer had to pay an additional, unspecified amount. LTI offers the famous taxi in twelve standard colours, including traditional black.

The updated TX4 was launched last October with restyled front grille, cleaner Euro IV-compatible VM diesel engine, standard anti-lock brakes and revised suspension.