Navteq, a global provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation and location-based systems, has launched the first navigable map of Hungary.

It currently offers maps of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Greece. Following the addition of Hungary, the company will commercialie maps of additional eastern countries in support of its plan to offer a comprehensive navigable map of eastern Europe.

The map of Hungary provides detailed road network coverage for greater Budapest – the country’s largest urban centre – including the city proper as well as the suburban municipalities of Budakalasz, Budakeszi Budaors, Csomor, Diosd, Dunaharaszti, Dunakeszi, Ecser, Erd, Fot, Gyal, Halasztelek, Kerepes, Kistarcsa, Nagykovacsi, Pecel, Pilisborosjeno, Solymar, Szigethalom, Szigetszentmiklos, Torokbalint and Urom.

The map provides over 12,000 kilometres of nationwide coverage, allowing for routing to and from all major urban areas of Hungary and to and from the road networks of the surrounding countries of Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia. The map offers over 1,100 points of interest including restaurants, hotels, museums and about 500 petrol stations.

“Budapest and its surrounding areas is a burgeoning centre of commerce and tourism, and we’re proud to be able to support innovation in these industries by offering a digital map,” a Navteq spokesman said.