In an unprecedented step to communicate directly with its customers, Daewoo will use the Internet to discuss and explain the current financial situation in Korea and to offer reassurances about Daewoo’s future. Staff from Daewoo’s press office will be available from 12-2pm on Friday 24 November on Channel 4’s motoring website – which can be found at accessed directly from Daewoo’s own website at – where they will answer questions on Daewoo Motor’s “self-rescue” plan.

Despite recent reports concerning Daewoo Motor’s ongoing financial upheaval in Korea, the UK sales arm remains unaffected with sales and servicing continuing as normal. However, in recognition of the concerns that Daewoo’s UK customers may have, Daewoo will use, one of the country’s leading dedicated motor websites, to interact directly with existing and prospective Daewoo customers, as well as other visitors to the website.

This on-line forum is 4car’s first live web-chat and Daewoo felt it was the ideal medium for such an innovative project.