HPI Exchange, a recently launched stock publishing system from independent vehicle information providers HPI, is claimed to have become one of the major ways for UK dealers to advertise vehicle stock.

The system has over 100,000 vehicles on its database and has been widely adopted by motor dealers across the UK who are said to appreciate its fast, easy and cost effective method of advertising stock for maximum coverage.

Exchange, which is free to HPI subscribers, automatically creates an advertisement when an HPI (vehicle history) check is made and this can be placed on the dealer’s own website and forwarded to a growing list of some of publicly accessible websites, including Autotrader, Exchange & Mart and Times Online without the need for re-keying.

Dealers are also receiving free advertising of their stock on the What Car? Online and Autocar websites, but only until the end of June.

As part of its Mitsubishi Red Zebra Used Car Programme, the Colt Car Company, the UK Mitsubishi importer, was first to pilot the scheme and has now been using the service with claimed “excellent results” for over a year.

Andy Wertheim, the firm’s national fleet & used car sales chief, said: “Through HPI Exchange we have a comprehensive database of our dealers’ stock. The efficiency of the service makes loading, publishing and updating vehicle details quick and simple, saving our dealers substantial time and resources over the more laborious paper based systems.

“More importantly, we can provide our customers with a more enhanced level of service and we have already seen an increase in business in areas around the UK where previously it was very difficult to reach.”

HPI director Martin Brassell said: “We are bringing dealers access to more vehicles than ever. HPI Exchange is a natural extension of our core services and we will continue to enhance the system as a complementary addition to our traditional market.”