UK news agency Ananova reports that a Gloucestershire couple traded in a parrot as part exchange for a new car.

Alan and Gloria Reynolds wanted a £6,000 Fiat Punto, but were offered only £2,000 for their Ford Ka.

They were about to give up, when Alan decided to throw in Charlie, a £500 Mealy Amazon parrot. The bemused salesman went to consult his manager before agreeing to the deal.

Gloria said: “I adored the Punto but we couldn’t make the price. You could have knocked me down with a feather when the garage agreed to take Charlie. We definitely got the car for a song.”

The pair handed over a £3,500 cheque, the parrot and the Ka before heading off home to Innsworth, Gloucestershire, where they breed exotic birds.

The parrot now has a cage at Sanderson Motorhouse in Cheltenham, where he whistles at customers and impersonates a fax machine. Sales manager Mark Burton said: “He’s officially part of our stock now.”