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Moves to eliminate vehicle crime included in the UK government’s planned legislation for 2001 must be backed up by suitable resources, says a trade body.

“The motor industry is owed a tough stance against vehicle crime,” said David Evans, chief executive of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) which represents new and used vehicle dealers.” But the Government must be sure to provide suitable resources to enforce anti-vehicle crime measures if its strategy is to succeed.”

The RMI wants the government to honour its earlier pledge to bring an end to clocking, the practice of fraudulently tampering with odometers, which costs the industry and the car-buying public millions of pounds a year. There have been proposals to record vehicle odometer readings on a number of official documents which must be completed throughout the life of a motor vehicle.

“t is imperative that the cheats who persist in trying to make easy money out of unsuspecting vehicle buyers are stopped” Evans said.