The British-designed and built Cadillac Imaj hi-tech concept car has been awarded the prestigious Corus-IVehE award for the best concept and prototype car at the UK International Motor Show in Birmingham.

The all-wheel drive ultra-luxury sedan with exhilarating performance and unprecedented technological applications was selected by a team of judges led by Professor Jon King, president of the UK Institute of Vehicle Engineers.

He said: “We chose Imaj not just because of its stunning looks, but because it is full of innovation, it is totally feasible and extremely well presented.”

Imaj has the flexibility, features, and power to transform it from being a chauffeur’s car during the week into a driver’s car at weekends and holidays. At the same time it has changed the traditional ultra-luxury formula of a vehicle long and heavy to something agile, useful and approachable.

Highlights include:

  • Advanced drive concept: supercharged 425PS Northstar V8, all-wheel-drive, five-speed automatic
  • Electronic driver assistance: MagneRide, StabiliTrak, Night Vision, Forewarn system
  • Comprehensive safety: smart airbags, side airbags, ABS, run-flat tyres
  • High tech aluminium space frame construction
  • Complete advanced infotainment package: traffic information, entertainment, office applications.

    Imaj was designed and built by GM’s Concept Design studio in Birmingham, led by concept vehicle design director Simon Cox, with support from the North American Cadillac design studio in Warren, Mich., led by Cadillac design manager Tom Kearns.