BMW’s luxury car Rolls-Royce unit says that the launch of the Rolls Royce Phantom is running according to plan.

Production at the Goodwood manufacturing plant in England is now ramping up from one to three Phantoms per day. Production began on 1st January this year and the cars currently being built are launch cars to support dealer activities around the world. A total of 70 dealers worldwide are expected to be in place by the end of this year.

The next batch of customer cars will be delivered in April.

Rolls Royce says that the dealer network is in place and a new “theatre” configuration is set to debut at the Geneva motor show on 4 March 2003.

The new theatre package is based around two separate power operated rear seats and a dedicated DVD based entertainment system. Adjustable monitors are housed in the backrests of the front seats and concealed when not in use.