Following the success of the BMW Concours programme on the new 7 series and the Mini tlc service packages, BMW Great Britain is launching a free service and maintenance package on all new 3 and 5 series diesels bought in the first six months of 2003.

The pack offers three years or 60,000 miles servicing and maintenance – worth up to £3,000– and includes oil and inspection services, brake pads, discs and fluid, wiper blades and all labour charges.

Linked to the standard BMW warranty (three years unlimited mileage), this effectively eliminates all maintenance costs and is transferable if the vehicle is sold.

BMW Great Britain has pioneered service and maintenance packages in recent years. 95% of 7 series customers have taken up Concours, the five year or 75,000 mile package offered since launch for £500. The Mini was launched with tlc, a three year or 60,000-mile servicing package for £100, which currently achieves a 97 per cent take up.

BMW has recently announced new 730d and 330 Coupe diesel models with an uprated 3.0d engine that delivers an extra 20 bhp, increased low-down torque (max 410 Nm available at 1,500 rpm), improved top speed and 0-62 performance. Improved fuel consumption makes the package even more unbeatable. The combustion process and oil filtration systems within the new three-litre engine have also been refined, resulting in reduced contamination and extended oil change intervals of over 25,000 miles.

During 2002, BMW Great Britain sold over 21,500 diesel cars, representing 25% of total sales, compared to 16% in 2001. These figures will be boosted in 2003 with the arrival this month of new ES and Sport versions of the 320d Saloon and Touring.