A four-cylinder two-litre petrol engine completed today was the two millionth off the line since production began nine years ago at the BMW engine production plant in Hams Hall, North Warwickshire.

The engine will eventually come back to Britain after a round trip to the automaker’s Regensburg assembly plant in Germany where it will go into a 318i sedan destined for a UK customer.

Harald Krüger, BMW human resources and industrial relations chief, and a former Hams Hall plant director, said: “The Hams Hall plant is our centre of competence for the production of four cylinder petrol engines within the BMW Group and is a credit to the skill, flexibility, commitment and motivation of the workforce.”

The engine factory was built on an industrial park that was once the site of an electricity generation plant. The name Hams Hall refers to a long-demolished manor house that once stood nearby. The park includes a Channel Tunnel rail freight terminal.

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