Is the ambient noise level in your car making hands-free telephone calls difficult? Is it the wailing engine, wind noise or the kids fighting in the rear? Bang & Olufsen is introducing a new bluetooth headset that it says will cancel background noise.

‘Earset 2’ from Bang & Olufsen is described by the company as ‘the ultimate hands-free solution for mobile telephone conversations, be they in a noisy car, on the street or anywhere where background noise can take over.’

The Earset 2 contains audio technology that has the power to banish environmental noise and raise the bar for the reception and transmission of sound. Bang & Olufsen digital sound reproduction technology is applied to nuanced hardware design to give class-leading headset comfort and usability, the firm claims. 

‘Exceptional’ transmission quality is achieved by two omni-directional microphones which filter and suppress background noise.

The loudspeaker in Earset 2 is a fully-fledged closed cabinet loudspeaker unit in miniature.  Supported by air vents and a bass port together with an ergonomic design, the loudspeaker has a frequency response that gives an exceptionally high degree of tonal precision, it is claimed.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is used to optimise the sound for each call. DSP monitors both the dynamic-technical and tonal qualities of the signal to accurately reproduce human voice, though does not eliminate all transmission noise as this would create unnatural ‘dead sound’ during pauses.

The result is uniquely Bang & Olufsen says Brian Stilling Laursen, Business Manager, Bang & Olufsen: “Continuing the design introduced with our earphones, the appearance and comfort of Earset 2 is distinctive from any other wearable communication device available today.  Our ambition is to create the best-sounding and best-looking Bluetooth headset on the market, and we’ve set a new standard for refinement and ease-of-use.”