The shift in business strategy, driven by the Internet has been well documented. The battle for online supremacy has been translated into a PR battle as companies seek to establish reputations as champions of eCommerce. This has been most prominent between manufacturers, where GM and Ford, in particular, have brought eCommerce into the automotive domain.

The fleet industry is faced with complex decisions as to how the Internet should influence strategy. For example, the formation of retail brands with manufacturers, dealers and lessors is intensifying competition. Lessors can enhance communications with fleet end-users and dramatically reduce costs. Aftermarket companies are likely to face challenging times. As the procurement exchange, the result of independent initiatives by GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler, attracts more manufacturers, parts suppliers may be forced online to compete effectively.

Datamonitor’s Automotive eCommerce SPP has been designed to help companies take advantage of eCommerce opportunities, and counter threats therein. Datamonitor combines the essential technology and automotive expertise to give you a complete and broader understanding.

Datamonitor is uniquely positioned to give you the tools and information you need to:
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