Automotive data and intelligence provider Jato Dynamics has developed a new total cost of ownership tool in conjunction with Toyota Motor Marketing Europe.

Jato also works with AuDaCon (Automotive Data and Consulting), a large distributor of service maintenance and repair data for the automotive industry, and European residual value forecaster Bähr&Fess. The partnership links each company’s data sets together into one online package.

Jato’s e-services head Steve Cruise said the new software takes into account a vehicle’s purchase price, residual value, tax and insurance costs, service expenditure, maintenance work and parts and is aimed at manufacturers, importers, leasing companies and the financial services sector.

As the first automaker to make use of this data, Toyota is now able to compare its own products against eight competing automakers in five countries across Europe.

It is already used in the UK and Germany and will soon be launched in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.