Alfa Romeo will launch seven new models over the next four years as it tries to re-establish itself across Europe and return to the US.

The first of these will be the five-door version of the B segment Mito, due in 2012. The launch of this variant will accompany a major revision of the model, including improvements to the often-criticised ride and handling, according to Alfa sources.

The Giulia, replacement for the 159, will come in 2013 as both a saloon and wagon to challenge BMW’s 3 series. This car will mark the return of Alfa to the US, along with the Giulietta and a new Spider, expected to be rear-wheel drive and based on a Chrysler platform.

Speaking at the UK launch of the Giulietta, Fiat UK managing director Andrew Humberstone said the Golf-rivalling line, replacing the 147, was the first new step after the Mito for the brand.

Alfa sales slumped to fewer than 110,000 last year and Fiat group chief Sergio Marchionne has previously told analysts that he wants it to sell 500,000 by 2014.

To get there, Alfa will develop a number of new models from the completely new Giulietta platform, including a crossover SUV due in 2012, company insiders said.

A new rear drive Spider and large SUV, both said to be based on Chrysler platforms, are slated for 2013 and 2014. The GT will be axed this year and the current Spider and Brera go next year.

Slide show: Alfas old and new from a US perspective