The Freight Transport Association says that the UK Chancellor should cut duty on diesel for goods vehicles by 15p per litre as soon as possible. In an advertisement in The Times newspaper on Monday (6 November) FTA says that a targeted cut in diesel duty would reduce transport costs for UK industry to the benefit of the economy and the consumer.

FTA says ‘A proportion of the price you pay for everything you buy covers the cost of its transport and a truck is involved in every single delivery. Thus, if industry’s transport costs are higher than they need to be, we’re all paying more than we should.’

A cut in diesel duty of 15p per litre targeted at goods vehicles would, although …to leave the UK with by far the highest diesel duty in Europe, reduce this competitive gap and UK industry.

FTA says that the Chancellor ‘should do the right thing for UK business, not because of the protests, but in spite of them.’