Autonomous driving technology company TuSimple has stepped up efforts to develop and commercialise its self-driving technology platform for delivery trucks.

The company was founded in 2015 and has operations in both China and the US. It recently joined forces with leading US logistics companies US Xpress Enterprises and United Parcel Service (UPS) to develop the world’s first autonomous freight network.

TuSimple has been working with US truck maker Navistar for two years on developing Level 4 self driving technologies and last month the two companies signed a new agreement to bring self driving trucks to market by 2024.

The company’s Cheng Lu last month said: “TuSimple and Navistar began joint development of preproduction units in 2018 and now we are kicking off a full go to market production programme”.

Lu said his company was set to double its current 100 weekly autonomous deliveries in Tucson, Arizona in the coming months and will also look to begin trials of fully autonomous truck delivery services on highways next year.

The company plans to subsequently roll out automated truck delivery services in other locations in the US and also long haul truck operations from as early as 2022.