Ford Otosan has again suspended production at its Kocaeli plant until 1 April, according to news agency Anadolu.

The carmaker had just resumed production on 16 March after halting output on 26 February.

Union head Yucel Yucel told the news agency that Ford Otosan temporarily stopped production taking into consideration the unfavourable developments in global markets and 5,239 workers were sent on paid leave.

Ford Otosan has suspended production many times since the fourth quarter because of falling local and foreign demand and sacked 300 workers from its Inonu plant in Eskisehir in December. So far Ford Otosan has suspended production between 25 October- 2 November, 13-27 November, 20 December-12 January, 17-26 January, 31 January-16 February and 26 February-16 March.